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Supporting your employees’ mental health is simply good business.

  • Do you know what help a valued employee who can’t work because of mental health challenges really needs to successfully come back to work?
  • Do you know what is actually stressing your employees?
  • Is there a gap between your business’s mental health policies and what happens in real life?
  • Are projects continually compromised because employees are stressed and overwhelmed?

Bilantia supports you to support the good mental health and effective stress management of your employees. 

We believe that every business is different and welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help your unique business manage the mental health and stress of your valued and valuable employees.

To discuss how we can help your business and your employees please get in touch with us by telephone on +44 (0)7984 80531 or email us at


Executive Stress Management Coaching

Stress is a significant performance issue for staff at senior levels in organisations.

We understand the complex intellectual and practical skills that are needed to perform at a high level and the detrimental impact that too much stress can have on performance. However, we recognise that many of the causes of stress are unavoidable at a senior level. We also recognise that in many circumstances some level of stress can have a positive effect on performance.

We work with senior level executives and all levels of management to:

  • help identify what is causing stress and potentially compromising their mental health;
  • develop a realistic and effective stress management plan which promotes individual good mental health and high performance.

Our approach is open minded and we look beyond the workplace to consider all the factors that may be contributing to the individuals stress levels and having an impact on their workplace output.

We believe it is possible in most circumstances to achieve a truly effective balance between supporting the good mental health of the individual and achieving the goals of the organisation.

Work and a sense of purpose are an important part of an individual's good mental health and the goal of high achievement in both areas is not mutually exclusive.

Employee Mental Health Breakdown Recovery Support 

When an employee goes through a challenging period of compromised mental health which impacts on their ability to work, it can be very difficult for an employer to know how to effectively support them.

Employee Assistance Programs are very helpful resources to give employees access to therapy, legal advice and other rehabilitation support. However they provide only one part of the solution. They don’t give the tailored, co-ordinated and integrated individual support that businesses and individual employees need to manage a mental health breakdown as effectively as possible.

We do not replace Employee Assistance Programs. We provide a broader individually tailored service which ensures that all the factors relevant to recovery from mental health challenges are considered and managed effectively.

We provide an individual dedicated service to support employers and employees to manage the many issues that come up for an individual going through a difficult period. The appropriate approach will depend on the unique circumstances, common issues we assist with are:

  • consciously identifying the root causes of the breakdown and identifying which therapeutic approaches may help, and monitoring if they are effective;
  • working out a realistic and manageable plan to manage absence and return to work, including facilitating constructive discussions in circumstances which can often be uncomfortable;
  • helping with income protection insurance cover applications and disputes;
  • identifying contributory factors from life outside of work and how they can most effectively addressed.

When you have a valued employee that your business needs back at work healthy and productive, we provide the dedicated support you and your employee needs to sensitively and effectively make that happen.

Emergency Project Stress Support

Is an important project going off the rails because everyone is so stressed? Staff stress can be a significant factor in the success of a project. However, it is rarely acknowledged and effectively managed.

We come in when projects are compromised by stress levels and help to identify what is going wrong and what can help to bring stress levels down and get the project back on track.

Training and Education

Understanding is crucial to creating a work environment where good mental health is supported.

We offer a variety of tailored stress management and mental health awareness education options to educate and inspire your employees about how to have good mental health and effectively manage their stress.

Income Protection Insurance Disputes

Income protection insurance can be a financial lifeline to employees suffering from serious mental health breakdown. It is a sign of being a good employer to have a Group Income Protection policy.

Generally, income protection insurance cover applies to mental health conditions as it would other health conditions. However, increasingly insurers are declining claims for mental health claims - often on very dubious grounds.

Often when an insurer declines an employee's complain it is left to the employee or a colleague with no relevant skills or knowledge to deal with. This is very unlikely to lead to effective resolution of the dispute and makes your employees recovery and return to work much harder.

We can support disputes about income protection insurance claims, including:

  • advising on communicating with the insurer;
  • identifying what medical evidence may be helpful and who could provide this evidence;
  • advising on communicating with your employer about your claim;
  • advising on and supporting submissions to the Financial Ombudsman Service if the insurer declines cover;
  • identifying if particular legal advice is needed on specific issues.