We believe that responding flexibly to the unique circumstances of each person is the most effective way to achieve our goal of supporting individuals to establish effective stress management and improve their quality of life. We work closely with clients to devise an arrangement which works for them.

This is not traditional therapy and we would not expect ongoing weekly sessions. The number of consultations required will depend on the individual circumstances.


Standard Fees

Our standard fee per 50 minute session is £120

Our standard fee per 90 minute session is £150

(The length of the session will depend on the individual client and circumstances and will be discussed with the client beforehand)

30 minute Scoping Consultation

It can be helpful to have an upfront discussion to see if we are the right people to help you.

We offer 30 minute Scoping Sessions.

There is no charge for Scoping Sessions.

Initial Consultation

We would normally expect all new clients to have an initial consultation of two hours.

The fee for this is £190 (this is refunded if you proceed with the Stress Management Planning and Coordination Package)

Services for Business

All businesses will have different requirements so we would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how we could help your company and your employees

Our fees are dependent on your tailored package, please contact us to discuss

Stress Management Planning and Coordination Package

We offer a specific Stress Management Planning and Coordination package for individuals who would benefit from a broader review of the different aspect of their life and experience which may be contributing to an undesirable level of stress in their life - the package includes:

  • Two hour initial consultation
  • Detailed Stress and Life Balance Assessment Questionnaire
  • Individually Tailored Stress Management and Life Balance Plan
  • Two 90 minute consultations to discuss Individually Tailored Stress Management and Life Balance Plan
  • Two follow up 50 minute consultations
  • 20% discounted fees for all further consultations

The fee for this package is £590

Reduced Fees

We allocate a set number of spaces for indivduals on limited incomes or in financial difficulties. We are very happy to discuss if you meet these criteria (which factor in the high living costs in areas such as London) and actively welcome you to contact us about this. We want to make it possible for us to help you.