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We support you to achieve optimal mental health, effectively manage stress and bring your life into better balance.

  • Are you always describing yourself  as “stressed”, but don’t know what or how to change?
  • Do you know you need help but don’t have the time or the knowledge to work out exactly what with, or how to find the help?
  • Are you suffering from mental health challenges that mean you can’t work and you need support to help manage the impact on your life?
  • Do you know what help a valued employee who can’t work because of mental health challenges really needs to successfully come back to work?
  • Are projects at risk because your employees are stressed but you can't work out how to destress them?

Our approach is unique and innovative. Every individual needs different types of support to achieve their optimal mental health and effective stress management. We support our clients to identify what they need in their unique circumstances.

We have a rare blend of skills and knowledge in a diverse range of areas including neuroscience, psychology, the law, mindfulness, strategy, policy, change and project management.

We utilise all these diverse disciplines to provide pragmatic, tailored and integrated services which make people feel better and businesses perform better.

We are exceptional at what we do. If you or your employees are feeling overwhelmed it may feel like sorting everything out is impossible. It might be difficult, but it is not impossible. You don't have to do it all out on your own. We really can help.

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Courses & Retreats

Feeling like it's all too much, but you don't have the time to relax and work out how to have more time to relax?

Our Courses and Retreats are a great way to take some time out to consciously review your life and plan how you can better look after your mental health.

They're a lovely calm break from your busy life. You'll come back refreshed and with an action plan to optimise your mental health, effectively manage your stress and have a better balanced life. 

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Our Blog

There is so much happening in so many different areas looking at what supports optimal mental health.

Our blog updates you on different things that could help you.

Read our latest blog post about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Can you just not worry and be happy?

"Don't worry, be happy! What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and does it work?"

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Business Services

Supporting your employees' mental health is simply good business. Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges cost business enormous amounts of money every year.

We provide you with the tailored help that you need to address the particular issues that your employees are facing. We provide solutions that take into account your business model and your business needs.

Optimal mental health is necessary for optimal productivity. See how we can help your business by supporting your employees.

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Individual Services

When you're feeling stressed, depressed, anxious or having other challenges with your mental health it can be overwhelming to work out what you need to do to feel better. It can be even harder to actually do it.

We support you to work out why your mental health is not as good as it could be and what could help you to feel better. We develop a strategy and practical plan tailored just for you. We provide ongoing support as you make the often difficult changes you need to make.

If you only want help with one thing we can do that too - including helping with disputed income protection insurance claims.

We offer a free 30 minute Scoping Consultation to see if we are are the right people to help you.  

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